Im sure you have heard of the man named Psy by now, I mean not only is he big in Korea but he seems to have been invading the U.S. as well with his infectious song “Gangnam Style”.

What you have never heard of it? Well check out the video below!

Even if you dont speak Korean, the video is hilarious and has been making people around the world make their own versions.

From what I know, he has been on almost every big show on television and has taught celebrities how to do the “horse riding” dance. Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson and even T-Pain know about this man!

Psy even recently signed a deal with Island Records, the company that has Beiber, Usher and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Can we expect an english version of the song soon?
(I hope not -_-)

On the 14th, Psy came to NYC to do his song on the Today show and I was lucky enough to be able to attend as well as be first in line!

He did a practice run first to make sure everything was alright and to get used to the stage:

Before the performance, he spoke with the news anchors and gave them a crash course on how to dance.

Once the tutorial was over, the real fun began!

Everyone loved the performance so much that they actually let him perform it again!

Ah we had so much fun and I’m glad I stayed overnight because I met so many cool people!

We hope to see more Psy in the future.