Another new segment of AI named “Manga Book Club”.
(This is the online version, we will have an actual one soon!)

Dont you hate when you’re interested in reading a new manga but when you spend your money on it, you find out the book is horrible? Well look no further because here, we will be talking about manga of all genres and hopefully you will end up picking up a new favorite!

Today i will be reviewing the manga “Anne Freaks” volume 1 by Yua Kotegawa.

This book caught my eye because i thought it said “Anne Frank” so i was excited to find a manga version of that but when i got a closer look..haha..

Anyway, on the cover there is a girl with a weird lizard tattoo on her arm and because of the title, I had a feeling that she was more than a pretty face.

The back reads:
Three people united by a terrible past. Yuri, a young man who killed his own mother. Mitsuba, who will gladly murder to avenge the sister that was taken from him. Anna, the mysterious assassin with a chilling beauty. Together, they’ll stop at nothing to bring down a terrorist organization and along the way, they’ll come closer to the truth that binds them together.

The back also has another shot of the “beauty” Anna, but it looks like a ripped picture, making her look to have that darker purpose I spoke about earlier.

Rated 16+ for blood and graphic images.
(All pictures of the manga were taken by me ^o^)

Our story starts off with Yuri, a nervous schoolboy with glasses who is under a bridge and trying to hide something before our mysterious Anna comes along and decides to help him with his “problem”.

Along the way they meet Mitsuba, a hot head with a knack for getting into fights. Again, Anna shows up and helps him as well, taking both him and Yuri under her wing.

They leave home because of their past to room with Anna and are thrown into a whole new world of assassins, blood and mysteries as they try to find out about the woman who knows everything about them but leaves little about herself.

he only connection between these people is that Anna has decided to recruit them to help her with her own fight in exchange for a clean slate and a mother-figure for both high school kids.

It was a really interesting read for me. The art is really nice and the story hooked me right from the start because there is no long backstory about the characters. (You learn about the characters on the way) Even though Mitsuba is always arguing with Yuri, Anna and everyone who even looks at him funny, later on in the story they learn to trust each other and they just “work”, you know?

The book has 4 chapters and of course a cliffhanger at the end when a new character finds something that was supposed to be hidden (Uh oh..). The preview for book 2 is also in the back and it looks action packed (Since this book was kinda about getting to know the characters and how they work together, book 2 will be about actually getting shit done).

If your interested in assassins, action, lies and mysteries then i recommend the book :)

(I feel like i’m the only one who buys manga. Some people just go online to read it :( )