Wow long time no update!
(Even longer than last time!)
It is really hard to update this thing on my iphone so I try to wait until I can get to a computer, so sorry!

Anyway I just came back from a convention that wasnt NYAF or NYCC.
I was all the way in Syracuse, New Jersey for BronyCon’12!
(A convention dedicated to just My Little Pony!)

I had a great time, took a lot of pictures and got to meet the most amazing people.
(Tara Strong ring a bell? ;) )

I got to work registration for all 3 days from early morning to late night and wasnt at all tired.
Most of the work goes out to me, Cupcakes (head of volunteers) and Xiagu.
(Who I couldnt remember his name for the life of me during the con XD)

I dont care if anyone else worked, I felt that all 3 of us worked the hardest, without us,

(Lol no but seriously.)

There was even an fire but the Wonderbolts (the volunteers) and the Royal Guards (the security)
was able to escort everyone out, fix the problem and escort everyone in.

Ok ok, you want to see pictures right?

That object of adorable belongs to Cupcakes!
Isnt she AMAZING?!

“Write your name, then your fandom name under it..”
“But..My name IS my fandom name..”

 VA of Discord!
I heard he was super nice to everyone :)

While giving out the passes I noticed that there was no 1337 badge.
Found out later that someone claimed it as soon as it was shipped to the center!

RD made the badges 20% cooler for sure.

Pretty easy registration.
You know how many people didnt know ANY of this information when asked?

Our awesome volunteer shirts, I’m actually wearing mine now!

BronyCon: The Documentary.

Making my registration space more me.
Hell if I was sitting there all day, I might as well have fun right?

The Bronies have arrived!

Derpy Hooves and DJ Pon-3

So beautiful :D

Rainbow and Scootaloo ;a;
I love when kids cosplay!

Amazing Twilight Sparkle.
Not sure why she was so orange though..

Beautiful contacts~

The party has arrived!
My friend Alexander as a male Pinkie Pie.

I wanted this suit so bad..

Xiagu getting mauled by another Vinyl Scratch cosplayer XD

Check out Rarity’s silver leggings @o@

Lauren Faust!

The only Granny Smith in the whole convention!
The next day she did Photo Finish but I forgot to ask for a picture >_<

“Thats how my hair looks right now? Wow I look AWESOME!”
Thanks for buying me so much Pon-3 stuff ;a;

I dont know what Apple Jack is looking at but whatever it is has caught Rarity’s eye too!

Friend number 3 I met at the con!
I love all of you for being such awesome cosplayers lol

One of our volunteers is a very talented artist!
Her name is Gillian and she drew me as a pony!

Lasers + smoke machine = Bronypalooza

This party wouldnt be complete without Tara herself coming to partay with us.

Full house for Bronypalooza

Friend #4
I feel so left out guys ;a;

 Hey Rarity, nice uh..dress!

 Saj (pronounced “Sage”) relaxing with Apple Jack and Vinyl Scratch
Why he is making that face, I dont know XD

What would BronyCon be without watching episodes on the side of a truck?

 Even late into the night, Bronies stay strong.

I love the convention 120% and if you search the convention on YT you can see that CNN and even Attack Of The Show (G4) covered the convention.

This is the big time folks, we’re making history.