Thanks to certain people, I was able to attend this concert for free along with some lucky people who follow the blog!
We had great spots to see everything (2nd level on the right side of the stage for me :3)
but my camera has no zoom lens like the cool people so I didnt get to take awesome pictures TT_TT

Early people(Early people :o)

(Tetsu fans with giant banana XD)

(Thanks for coming to NYC!)

(The glowsticks came in different colors, mine was pink)

(Arena filling up with people)

(Its almost tim

(What if your glowstick dies? Dont worry, I have an app~)

Ibara No Namida
Chase (English Ver)
Good Luck My Way
Drink It Down
X X X (English Ver)
Forbidden Lover
My Heart Draws A Dream
Caress Of Venus
Driver’s High
Stay Away
Ready Steady Go
Winter Fall
Blurry Eyes

(Final song with feathers :D)

Thank you immensely for allowing me and the others to go, lets hope we can go to more concerts together!