Sorry for this late update (There are only so many time i can say that >_<;)
Because of housing situations, and the millions of events I take pictures for, I am backlogged with so many pictures!

I was able to be the photographer for a group named New York Anime Picnic (NYAP for short) and they invited me to their tea party event at a place named Reso Box in queens. Here are some pictures from the event!

Walking in, the place is really nice and you are required to take off your shoes.
Even if you are going in for a second, shoes come off.

In the bathroom there were no ceiling lights but instead was this cute light thing in the corner:

chatting up the guests

Live DJ:

Srs staff meeting:
Thanks again to Resobox for letting us/them hold their event there!
Make sure to check them out as well as NYAP :3