I have a lot of articles that I need to post on my list so here is the Springfest review + pictures!

I had a Hatsune Miku DVD panel and a karaoke panel this year so I was able to meet cool people who liked vocaloid as much as I do. I met a girl who loved Len and a lot of things I did but I forgot to get her name or phone number >_<; The karaoke panel had a bit of a problem but I wont get into details so lets get to the pictures.

This is the beginning of the Miku screening, a lot of people came and left but it was mostly filled until the end.

(Iphone pictures. Can you tell the quality difference between those and the next ones?)

(Picture above and following pixs taken with my iphone because the camera died >_<)

Uzuhi gear :D I bought the red shirt and had them sign it <3

This rabbit is named Momo and belongs to the keyboardist.

Beautiful keyboardist, Tsubasa.

Lead singer of the band, Gosha

Drummer & Guitarist
(Forgot their names because they are new members >_<)

Tsubasa on an autograph frenzy!

Had a great time for a small 1 day con and besides the karaoke complications, I met a lot of awesome people. I also got to see my favorite band Uzuhi so it was totally worth it!

Thanks to everyone who let me take their pictures and Ill see most of my NYC cosplayers again at CPAC 2012!