For those who dont know me, i love karaoke and i would do anything to do karaoke everyday of my life :D

When i got the StarMaker app for iphone, i was so excited to see that i could just sing into my iphone and it would record without a problem. The other cool thing about it is, they have contests for the best singer so you know i had to join in on that.

The app is free and you start out with some credits to buy about..2 songs to start with.

When you get the hang of it, you are able to complete offers for more credits and buy more songs.

Or you can just win a contest and get like 100 credits O_o

When you click on the “Sing” option, you are taken to a page to pick a song that you downloaded and then to a lyric page that scrolls with the song as you sing:
As you can see, there is even an option to record using autotune on the bottom and it can be turned on and off during any part of the song (just in case you want to sing only half the song in autotune!)

On the top is “Vocal Guide” which is a singer (not the original singer mind you lol) that sings with you just in case you forget how the flow of the song goes. Dont worry, when you listen to your finished recording, the guide isnt there!

After you are all done with singing and autotuning, you are able to write a description and add a picture to the file:
When you log into the StarMaker site (with FB or if you make an account), you are able to hold all of the songs you recorded there and share them with other people who are also on the app or just on FB or Twitter.

Your recording page shows how many people listened to each song and there is even an option to “star” a song which sometimes counts as a vote during contest time.
(Think of the “star” option as the “like” button on FB)

People have also claimed to win prizes by singing the best during contest time and of course i called BS until i actually won something!

I entered the Andy Grammer – Keep Your Head Up contest and won runner up which got me a 10$ itunes giftcard, some credits and even a signed Andy Grammer cd O_O;

All in all i love the app and i will continue using it to sing and rock out with the autotune function until my lungs stop working.


If you want to check out my songs that i have already recorded then head over to my SM page ( and listen to my covers (you have to log in with FB first :D).

I am also in the contest with the songs Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects and All Star by Smash Mouth so if you like those, can you give it a star?