So after making my shirt, i had been craving to sew something- anything- again so i batted around some ideas like another shirt, a hat and maybe even some shorts (for the winter? yes.). I ended up settling on making a quick and easy TVXQ scarf for the winter since (again) i dont really have money for any kpop goods like you guys :(

I wanted it to look something like this:

In case you cant see my pencil sketches; I wanted the bottom of the scarf to say TVXQ in some way so when i put it around my neck, it would look right and not “Hey whats XQVT?”.
(image on right of paper)

I also wanted to put CM’s name on the back but decided against it because if it is wrapped around the back of my neck, you wont see his name much so i ditched the idea. Maybe read the letters TVXQ from left to right?
(image in the center)

Finally i just decided to put TV on the left and XQ on the right w/o CM’s name.
(image on the left of paper)

If you remember my other tutorial where i spray painted the white cloth along with fabric marker to make it stiff and red then i wont need to explain that again. I did the same thing and cut out the letters TVXQ:

Putting the letters to the side, i took some fabric from Rin’s last project (the 2pm hoodie thingy) and cut the pieces in even rectangles, sewed the edges down then sewed the 2 rectangle pieces together to make a scarf:

Hey im getting better at this whole sewing thing!
I had a picture of the WIP for the scarf (before it was done) but i accidentally deleted it and didnt notice until i uploaded >_<;

Next was just sewing on the letters to the bottom of the scarf.
To do this i put the scarf on Rin and figured out which side the letters would go when i had the scarf on and also how much space would i need between each letter. I went with my sprawled out hand for the spacing, pinned them down and then sewed away.

These letters werent as stiff as when i sprayed the letters for my AKTF shirt so it was a bit softer to sew and of course, when i get to a rounded letter (the Q) i start to fuck up.


Look how jacked up that rounded letter looks. Its not as bad as my D from the last project though

The fabric i used for the letters in this project was a pillowcase which would explain why it was so soft actually, the AKTF shirt letters were made from a stiff type shirt which is why it frayed and looked so weird after washing.

Anyway when i finished everything it came out awesome:

And this is what it looks like on w/ Rin as my model:

Goes pretty well with my TVXQ/Cassiopeia bracelet that Rin got me earlier:

I want to make a lot of scarves now out of different fabric!