Many of you may (or may not) know this but i am a new kpop fan.
Sure i listen to DB5K like crazy (and know their korean songs off hand) but being an anime/japanese culture fan i, of course, love me some jpop.
(are those commas used in the right way? i can never tell with commas -_-;)

Anyway, since im not really a huge fan like most people are, i dont have anything really korean related for the concert this sunday.
Everyone on the boards are getting SHINee lightsticks, SuJu sweaters and even fan cards!
(what is that anyway? is that like a postcard but for your wallet? ._.; again, n00b)

I decided to make my first ever sewing project!
Since i like me some DB5K, i decided to make my shirt related to the love that was all five of them together.
Below are the insane steps i took to make this damn thing because since this was my first time doing something clothes related, i didnt know wth i was doing.
Especially with a sewing machine >_<;

In my head i wanted something like a sports jersey with the words DB5K on the front and “Changmin” on the back with the number 5 under that because if you know me, i love me some CM /drool

I mean look at him!
How can you NOT love  this man?
/happy sigh

Here are some pix and steps i did to make my first ever DB5K shirt!

First i had a regular black shirt and i used a regular white shirt for the letters.
I had a long sleeved white to spare so all i did was cut off one sleeve and it was enough for my whole project:

I hated that stupid line in the middle (oh btw i cut the sleeve open so it wasnt a tube anymore and just fabric. In case you didnt know XD) so i just took a quick iron to it so i could have my letters even:

Next, using mini posterboard, i cut out all the letters i needed so i could use the holes as a stencil type thing on the fabric:

After cutting out the letters + number “AKTF” and “DB5K”, i positioned the stencil over the sleeve fabric and sprayed it with red spray paint it came out like so:

The paint bled all over the fabric i was using btw (-_-;;):

Since it did get the general shape of the letter, i just used a red sharpie to outline what i needed and then cut the fabric to that pattern to get something like this:

Also used a red fabric marker to make it a bit more darker because i didnt like the texture/color all that much.

Here is the comparison between the marker color and the paint color:
(Marker is the bright red and the paint is the dull red on the bottom)

Finished product w/ spray paint, fabric marker and cut to the way i wanted it:

Now the hard part was getting it on the shirt.

Why is this hard?
I have never touched a sewing machine in my life let alone hand stitched anything!

Luckily, Rin was also working on her concert project nearby and gave me a quick rundown of how the machine worked, the importance of pinning down letters and stitched on my first letter for me as a demo:

Perfect stitching ;o; :

“You got it?”
“Yeah i got it.”
“K, i’ll be here if you need help..”

(Minutes later of calling for help for every little thing i did because even though she told me how to use it, i was still scared):
My sloppy K is finished!

How did it measure up to the A from earlier?:

Finished the rest of the letters, squealed in delight and finished the front of the shirt in like..2 hours:

Now to do the back ;_;

Feelin’ like a baws, i took the sewing machine into the living room and finished the back letters by myself.

Let me tell you, without help, that shit was a disaster!

My thread kept coming out the needle after and during the stitching, i got my finger banged up from that screw thing that is next to the presser foot, i sewed over pins and couldnt press the stop button in time so it kept stitching into the shirt, stitched the shirt together, sewed way off the letters and even ran out of thread in the bottom bobbin case thing!

No matter how many times i took it off and sewed it back, i could never get it right so i had to super stitch the bastard to the shirt XD:


I can hear all of you people laughing at me now because you are all:
“Aw i remember when i did that the first time i learned how to sew too!”

I dont know how you guys do this for a living..

So the shirt was finished and looking at it, i was upset that the bottom of the back looked kinda empty.
Problem solved?
I made this thingy to go under it that has all of DB5K’s names on it and sewed that sucka on too.
Since it was a oval/rectangle thing, it was easy:
I wrote the heart next to UK’s name to fill the space and noticed my mistake.
/no CM love </3
Now i have to write something next to all of their names to fix it!

So that was my day today.
All day, i made this shirt.
I will debut it at the concert so if any of you readers are going and see me, say hi!

See you guys at the concert!