Hello again readers and welcome to the titillating conclusion of our “We have extra tickets and too much time on our hands!” ticket giveaway~

How are y’all doing on this fine afternoon?
5 of you are about to be feeling a lot better so let’s get started!

Len and I were deliberating for a really long time, which is why this post took so long. Youtube went under maintenance also, which hindered people in entering their videos, and prevented us from messaging people about their entries.

We got many entries, and we watched every single one but we were a bit annoyed just now to find a bunch of entries we’d never seen before in our comments on the blog.
It makes us sad to delete so many comments, because we never EVER get comments (if you love us, you’ll comment on stuff. Please? ;A; We’re lonely and sad internet bloggers!), but we never said comments on the blog was an acceptable way to enter. Why? Because we never get blog comments, so we weren’t checking at all.

We were checking the email, twitter, and youtube like crazy but we just logged onto wordpress to blog the winners and saw a bunch of entries.
Next time we have a contest, we hope people won’t let their excitement stop them from following the rules :3

Without further ado, the winners of Anime Injection’s first ever awkwardly named contest are as follows (in no particular order): 

Amanda, 16, NJ

We both loved this submission. We had only gotten one other dance submission, but we were impressed by this one because you hit it HARD, girl. And we noticed y0u know it so well that you made a TUTORIAL for other people to learn it. This is my favorite k-pop song/dance but I’ve been too lazy to learn. So guess what? I’m going to learn from you. Great job and have fun at the concert! 

What she said!
Soon as we heard you were going to do Lucifer, we were a bit scared because people say that they can do it but only a few can actually nail it like you did. I will also be watching your video!

Amanda, 18, PA

Congrats! Your confidence worked. When you said “I’m gonna win this. I’m gonna WIN!~” we agreed :) We loved your enthusiasm, and we would actually like very much to be invited to your wedding. (Whichever one. Or both. We’d like to go to korea!)
We’re looking forward to our awesome high fives!

I also liked how hard it was to use the webcam, i understand how you feel! I always thought i had to install so much crap to get mine to work and all i had to do was to go into “My Computer” XD
When you showed us your picture we both said “WOW~”

Sandy, 15, NJ

We love your voice so much. And your robot speak xD (loljk you don’t sound like a robot.) Can’t wait to see you at the concert! Keep singing.

“I love Kpop, not crazy but i love~”
Best line ever XD

Lindsey and Kayla, 15 (about to be 16) and 19, NJ

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, LINDSEY!!! I’m sorry you had a crappy day when you tried to get tickets. Your video made us giggle, and we were still talking about you guys while watching other submissions. Then, a bunch of last minute videos came in and were total game changers! We almost didn’t pick you, which would have been tragic since we liked you so much. However, we got your re-entry video with your talent and were blown away again. Your harmonies were beautiful and Kayla. Guuurl. You can rap. Seriously. Congrats guys. Happy birthday again to LINDSEY and have fun at the concert together.

The Mochi part still made me laugh like crazy!
Congrats <3

There you have it!
All 5 ticket winners have been chosen. Since we loved you guys’ submissions so much and really wanted to give some of you props for it, we’re doing honorable mention! I don’t know if it means anything. We scoured my room for crap to give you but we couldn’t really find anything since we don’t have much. But if you want a hug at the concert, I’ll give you one :’D Since we don’t want to make this too video-heavy, that’ll be in the next blog post. We’re debating making a video t for those that were awesome but we couldn’t pick because we only had 5 tickets!

What we’re doing since most of you guys are out of state and only coming out for the concert, we’re going to meet up with you guys on line and give you your tix. Send us an email with your cell number (we won’t stalk you, promise!) so we can text/call to meet up with you day-of and give them to you. Is that cool with everyone?

Thank you to everyone for your participation! Please keep following our blog for circle lens reviews, music reviews (both korean and japanese), more contests, event coverage and more!

(Also here is your shout out Haddiqa and Haanata! Thanks for the warm/crazy introduction and we hope to see all of you at the event :) )