So I know all you Miku fans are waiting for the new titles like Mirari but I’m set on getting PJD 2.5 or Project Diva -Extend- as it’s now being called.

The game is set to launch November 10th in Japan and let me tell you, I’m fucking excited as hell!

19 of the 36 songs from EX will be new.
DLC songs and modules from PJD2 will be found in this game minus the IDM@S stuff.
Diva room will be upgraded and have up to 40+ events.
All together, there is 150 modules.


I love Sega so much.
Onto the good stuff :D

If you have seen the Mikunopolis concert or the 39’s giving day concert, some of these songs might look familiar!

Song List:
(Will be updated as the last few songs are released)

Kocchi Muite Baby/Look This Way Baby
Colorful x Melody
The Singing Passion Of Hatsune Miku
Iroha Uta (NEW)

SPiCa [39’s Giving Day Edition] (NEW)

Ura Omote Lovers/Two-Faced Lovers (NEW)

Nekomimi Switch (NEW)

A Thousand Years Solo [Diva Edit] (NEW)
Rin Rin Signal [Append Mix] (NEW)

Sekiranun Graffiti [PJD EX Theme Song] (NEW)

Lovers Suicide In Oblivion/Boukyaku Shinjuu (NEW)
Palette (NEW)
Nayuta No Kanata Made (NEW)
*Hello Planet [I.M.PLSE-Edit] (NEW)
Hold, Release; Raksasha and Carcasses (NEW)

Luka Luka*Night Fever (NEW)

Starduster (NEW)
The End Of Solitude (NEW)
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
Kogane No Seiya Sousetsu Ni Kuchite
(The Christmas song from the original PJD)

Butterfly On My Right Shoulder/Migikata No Chou [39’s Giving Day Edition]
Anata No Utahime
Stardust Utopia
Electric Angel
Time Limit
Song Of Edit Mode

I am really excited for this song list because a lot of these songs were from the concert as well as the first game + ones that I love.

Ready to see the plethora of modules (costumes)?

Miku Append
Rin Append

Len Append

Racing Miku 2011

Racing Miku 2010

Racing Luka 2010

Racing Meiko 2010

Racing Rin 2010

Sonic Style

Fei-Yen Style

Orbit (SPiCa)

Shiny (Sekiranun Graffiti)

Conflict (Two-Faced Lovers)


Hello World (*Hello Planet)


Fairy Macaron (Colorful x Sexy)

Sexy Pudding (Colorful x Sexy)



Lorelei (Boukyaku Shinjuu)

White Eve

Black Star

Blue Moon


If you’re able to pre-order the game from one of the stores below, you get a special DLC outfit for Miku:




Circle K Sunkus

And guess what?
This isn’t even all the costumes yet, the rest will be released closer to november.

Lastly, here is a CM for the game and also a fan made video with some of the songs: