Today we stood in line to get more tickets at the NY area from 12:00pm to 9:20am just so we can give more out and have more winners!

A few of you have asked us how many people have entered so far and we thought it would be cool to show you what you’re up against.

If any of you have a problem with your video being posted here  for everyone to see, please let us know and we will gladly take it down :)

Cypress, 21, Maryland – Entering for a chance to see Sistar

Sadly your video is over the 1:30 mark which means that you have to cut down on what you are saying :(
If you fix your entry and resubmit, you will be re-entered into this contest!

Jenny, 21, ?? – Entering for an extra ticket to give to a family member

We liked your story and are glad that you had a good experience but do you have any talents you would like to showcase?
Drawing, singing, dancing or maybe even showing off some of your kpop items?

Paul, 17, ?? – Entering for a chance to see his favorite groups live

Nice video Paul!
We were impressed by your moves and your dancing mixed with martial arts was very original.

Sandy, 15, ?? – Entering for a chance to see B2ST

We dont think you’re a robot at all.
You are the first entry that entered with a song and you have a beautiful voice :D

Maha, ??, ?? – Entering for a chance to see her favorite groups live

Maybe it is just us but there is no sound on your video ._.
Once she gets this fixed, we will repost it.

Ashley, 19, Buffalo NY – Entering for a chance to see B2ST

Cute cat pajamas (kigurumi right?).
We liked that you are always smiling and we are sorry you couldnt make it!

Elaine, 17 & Christina, 14, Texas – Entering for a chance to have a kpop live experience and meet fans

Wow from NJ to Texas O_O!
We really liked the sign you guys made, the angry bird hat and we are really interested in seeing a sample of your piano covers!
Even if its bad, we arent judging on how good it is but on what skills you have as a kpop fan :)

Lindsay, 15 & Kayla, 19, ?? – Entering for a chance to give her sister the best birthday gift ever

This video made us laugh out loud.
It had a funny twist on a horrible day and the mochi part was unexpected!

These are all the entries we have so far in this contest and let me say, its hard to pick just 5 because we like A LOT of the entries. Some of the videos missed things that were in the rules but thats okay because I will be posting the rules again and if you feel that you want to go and change your entry then by all means!

Video must include your name, age and location.

If you went to an HMart here in NJ or NY (or the manhattan site this morning!) then be sure to include your story in the video. If none then please tell us who you are most excited to see at the concert!

Only one person per video.
(This excludes Elaine/Christina and Lindsay/Kayla since they entered their video before this was a rule but if you feel like you want to go back and do another video alone then you are allowed)

Your video must be no longer than 2:00 (2 minutes) so we can see how much love you can squeeze in :3

You can get a better chance of winning if you can show a talent that really wows us.
This includes singing, dancing, drawing and even speaking korean.

All entries posted on this page are allowed to go back and edit their entry videos if they want because we understand that the time was a bit short for all of these rules and some people felt rushed.

Remember to have fun and dont be afraid to show your fangirl/fanboy side because we are fangirls/fanboys too :)

We will be no longer accepting videos at 8pm tonight and we will post the winners of this contest tomorrow, so show us your best!
Videos can be posted on YT and shared through our email (, twitter (AnimeInjection) a message through our YT with a link (AnimeInjection), or url the video in a comment to this post :D