Hey all!
Other admin Syrii (or Rin, as Len calls me in the other blog posts haha!) here, and it feels like it was just yesterday that Anime Injection was a baby blog. Now we’ve got a couple of good posts and a bit more foot traffic through our humble page than we had before.

Since we’re so grateful to you all, Len and I have been batting around the idea of doing giveaways to you lovely people for a while now. We’ve sought sponsorships and more just to make that happen for you when SUDDENLY, the idea fell into my lap.

As many of you may know, the KBS K-pop concert is coming up in New Overpeck Park, NJ at the end of this week and the free tickets were given out at H-marts all over New York and New Jersey. Many fans were displeased with the way the events were organized, and even more fans were turned away. 


I proposed the idea to Len of having a little giveaway/contest thing and came up with:
The KBS Concert “We Have Extra Ticket and Too Much Time on our Hands!” Giveaway!~

It’s a working title…

We want you lovelies to send us a video submission, which can be uploaded onto youtube or whatever other video site and all you have to do is shoot an email to animeinjection@asia.com, a PM to the youtube profile (AnimeInjection) or a tweet to our twitter (you guessed it. Anime Injection.) with a link to your video.

The video cannot be any longer than a minute and a half (1:30), because there are only two of us and we have to go through them all.

These are the criteria for the video:

First is fine :D We don’t need you shouting out your government on youtube haha~

Just so we get to know you a little.
Example: “Hi my name is Syrii, I’m 18 years old and I love K-Pop!~ blah blah blah”

Your H-mart/Ticket story:
We want people who don’t have a ticket to enter this contest.
I know all of you that didn’t get one have a story about how badly organized things were or how someone in line was rude to you.
Leave a little bit of your video aside to give us your sob story (lol).


Tell us a little about why you love k-pop, who your favorite artist is and why, and/or demonstrate a little skill that is k-pop related like singing/dancing to your favorite song, speaking korean, ANYTHING!

Just make us laugh/amaze us/or generally make us think you’re interesting.

The submissions are due at noon on October 4th.
We will announce the winner/winners (there could be as few as just 1 or up to 5! We’ll know by the time submissions are due how many tickets we can give away) between then and the morning of October 5th, depending on how many submissions we get and have to watch.


We would like the video submission to be individuals only because we have had a few submissions that had 2 people but if we are only able to give out one ticket, we dont want to disappoint a group that really wanted 2.

The video entries we have right now are alright but anymore videos after this point will have to be individual, just in case something happens.

We hope this doesn’t dissuade anyone to enter because we really want to see our fellow k-pop fans happy, especially if you spent a lot of money and you’re from another state >_<;