So i just got my schedule for NYAF/NYCC and let me tell you, I am not pleased.
Why? Well because i only get to work one shift a day and I’m not working on thursday.
/sad face

If any of you know me and how i am at conventions, I am a super volunteer. That means i like to work all shifts without a break. I work off of pure adrenaline so i dont need one and i love helping people all day.

Some of you might say “Oh thats not good, you need a break!” or maybe “Thats bullshit, no one can work like that!” but i do.

On the volunteer forums, i will be able to request my schedule change tomorrow so I’ll be sure to tell them that i want to work more shifts.
Its not for the money (40$ a shift) but because i really just dont know what to do for the time I’m not working.

“Go see the show” you say but i dont like seeing the show when I’m not working >_<;

I’m confusing i know but its kind of like an addiction to work.
I cant do anything unless I’m wearing my (green! the shirts are green this year!) volunteer shirt and it feels weird to a convention when i can be working and helping out people at the same time.

Anyway enough of my weird speak and onto my schedule!
(subject to change :D)

Thursday: N/A
Friday: 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Saturday: 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am – 11:00pm

What the hell right?
Such a weird schedule and even though i am happy that i am working in the anime section for the whole time, i really want to work the panels as well as all over the convention.

For those going to the Apple Kissa cafe, i will be entering the karaoke contest for a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Ok that was a lie.

But i will be entering it so i need all the support of my friends and fellow cosplayers to cheer me on when I’m on stage.
More details on the karaoke contest/convention soon!

Come to find out that Kristen has read my blog and guess what? They gave me more shifts! I’m glad I didn’t write anything nasty about her (haha I would never ^_^;).

So happy that I now have FIVE shifts all in Zone 11 (that’s animeland for all you non volunteer peeps :3).

See you soon and thanks again for actually reading this thing guys! (I don’t think anyone reads this even if my counter on top says I have so many visitors!)