A few days ago at Forbidden Planet, there was  an event to celebrate the re-release/re-printing of the original Sailor Moon manga as well as the english adaptation of the Sailor V manga. Me, along with other Sailor Moon fans, came out to the event to share their love/stories/fandom with other “Moonies” and let me tell you, we had an amazing time.

The event started at 10am (when the store opened) and ended at 2pm. There were promises of prizes, trivia and also a fashion show for those in Sailor Moon cosplay.

By the time I had got to the store, it was already 9:30 but there were 2 people already there. I got in line and one by one, other fans lined up. We all kinda kept to ourselves, not knowing how to break the ice but all that changed when a couple came sporting Sailor Moon merchandise;

Almost instantly, we all started gushing and asking them where they got their stuff as well as ask for pictures. They were happy to oblige and even showed us a project they were working named Sailor Moon: The Movie. It’s an independent live action film they are working on and from the pictures they showed us, it looks amazing!

Just then, another Moonie showed up with a Sailor Moon shirt as well but that’s not all, he also held a Chibi-Usa lunchbox, wore a Garnet Orb necklace and pulled out of his bag;

The Eternal Tier from Sailor Moon Stars!
(The one she uses to do “Starlight Honeymoon! Therapy KISS!” and “Silver Moon..Crystal Power KISS!”)

Also parked out front;

As we were all getting along, time flew by and the doors of Forbidden Planet opened. We all floated in and started up the stairs to where the “party” was to take place.

Once upstairs, we were greeted by 2 workers who were still setting up. One wore a shirt that had Tuxedo Kamen on it (“I Need A Hero”) while the other was in a Sailor Lethe cosplay. Both were super nice and had set up the manga on a table for people to buy.

Sailor Lethe was also nice enough to give the guests free cookies.

Luckily these cookies tasted delicious and were gone really quick.

Funny story:

While talking to a fellow fan, she whispers to me; “Hey did you see that Sailor Moon Abridged is here?” My eyes get wide and I ask her “Where?!” Turns out, that I had talked to her all along! The first girl who I spoke to outside was actually KrisRix from SMA!

We moved on to the trivia and people won SM related prizes as well as laugh/groan at the questions that were asked. Some were manga specific while others were common knowledge but we all had a good time trying to come up with answers and help other people with theirs. My favorite question to answer was: “Name all 9 of Sailor Moon’s attacks in the show.”
Of course I only had 5 but it turns out that a lot of people didn’t get it right. A friend of mine (Vincent) ended up getting the most/closest so he won the prize.

Fun was had, prizes were won and friends were made. Also, KrisRix knows her SM trivia like nothing! Her and her group are die hard fans for sure because when I didn’t understand the question, it was like second nature to them. They even got a SeraMyu question right!

All in all it was great. I thank everyone for coming out and showing their SM love! Meeting KrisRix wasn’t part of the plan but I’m so happy I got to meet her and she even signed my Sailor V book cover for me.

 Here are other pictures from the event :)

Check out the page for the SM live action movie here if you’re interested!