First off, a big THANK YOU for all the views on my blog. It just hit 1,000+ and I am so happy that you guys have been sharing/reading/coming back to the page to view my articles! ^3^

The next few posts are going to be a behind the scenes look at the 2011 NYAF/NYCC event that takes place at the Jacob Javits Center on October 13-16th.

I always see people do posts/videos about events from the fans POV but never through the eyes of a staff member so I hope you enjoy this and hopefully it gives you a better understanding of what we do before the actual days of the con!

September 10th 2011 – Javits Center Tour
Today I was called in to take a tour of the nearly renovated JJC along with other members of the staff/volunteers. It started at 10:45 and about 35 to 40 volunteers showed up.

It was nothing special since I have worked the con before but it’s always fun to see the center before cosplayers and booths are set up.

Here is a picture of the main hall:

[Ill take another picture during the con to compare]

So we pretty much walked around and saw where things were going to be set up, where the NYAF portion of the con was (4th floor! Woo!) and we even saw where Javits North was!

Javits North is the north side of the building (never even knew it was there until today actually ._.) that is so big it looks like it can house fighter jets.

It will be filled with tabletop gaming. That whole space will have tabletop games? Why can’t we use this space for a cosplay dance or something?

Everything else was the same as the years before just moved to a different space. It looks promising because it looks like they have enough space, I mean, we ARE using the WHOLE center this year!

I also don’t have to report to Michelle this year, we have another woman named Kristen and she is so nice/funny. She is also short (lol).

Volunteer shirts are going to be green this year while staff keeps their red shirts and security will be wearing the yellow ones we had last year. I’m pretty excited to see how they will look though, I love NYAF/NYCC shirts <3

I have another meeting on the day before the con on the 12th so I will have another post with more pictures and information as I get it. Until then, hope to see you guys soon :D

[My modified floor map after the tour]