Welcome to the wonderful world of Megu.

What is Megu?
To put it simply, its a virtual pet game from japan that has been translated into engrish for american users.

When you start the game, you will be able to watch the opening movie that contains some of the features, characters and of course the theme song to the game (Honey Frommage).

Clicking on the screen while the movie is playing will skip the whole song and take you to the main screen where you will start your journey into the ranks of Megu users everywhere.

You start out with the basic of the basic, a regular, run of the mill Megu.
To be sure you know what im talking about, you start out with a pet that looks like this:

Your current home looks like a park and until you “move”, he/she will be living here.
Since we are on the main screen, why dont we start here?

On the top left of the screen, you can see your gold (the currency in Megu) and 3 tiny bottles underneath them. Those bottles are elixir’s and they are kind of like shortcuts to making your Megu happy.
As you can see, i dont have any because i dont need them:

Pink elixir:
Puts your Megu back at full health + full food.

Blue elixir:
Devolves your Megu back 1 evolve.

Yellow elixir:
Allows your Megu to be charged 99% thus, quicker evolution.

Dont worry, everything will make sense soon!

Now the top right of the screen is one of the most important parts of this game. These bars are your Megu’s vital signs, the higher they are, the healthier/better they feel!

Satiety: How much food they have in their belly.
Health: How good your Megu is feeling.
LV#: What level your Megu is at.

In order to keep these vitals high, you need to visit your Megu each day.

Whats the little lightning bolt in the corner?
Thats how charged your pet is.
Charging your Megu is easy!
All you need to do is plug in your iphone to charge while the app is open and it will charge your Megu as well.
Seriously, go ahead and try it!

Each day you will be able to charge your Megu 10%. When you reach 90% (it will say 99% instead) you will be able to evolve automatically.
So this means that every 9 days, you will have a brand new Megu to care for! :o
With this knowledge, the elixirs’ make a lot more sense now right?

On the bottom of your screen, you have stats and infor about your Megu.
This brown box menu shows you hobbies, how he/she is feeling and so forth. Swiping the screen to the left will allow you to see more stats.

We are finally getting to the meat of this game!
On the very bottom, you will see the little squares with things you can do with your Megu:

First is the heart button that reads “Care”, clicking on it will take you to another menu that has some options on how you can care for your Megu:

Feeding your Megu.

Sometimes the room will get dust. Using the broom will help clean it and give you love points.

Megu will get dirty and flies will fly around so use this to make him clean.

Take Megu for a walk in the fresh air. While walking, you get gold or items.

New feature for users who had this game before the recent update. Take  Megu to the park and toss a ball back and forth by tapping on it. The higher you score, the better your reward.

When you buy a new house, you will be able to move there free of charge!

Spruce up your home with furniture decorations.

Use elixir.

Next is the shopping tab.
Click on the X to exit the current menu and click on the shopping cart to open this menu:
This is pretty self explanitory, shop for food, furniture and a new house. Disposal is just another way of saying “sell your extra items for gold”.

The picture of the elixir is a way to earn elixirs’ without spending money for them.
Yeah elixirs’ cost real $$!
All you are asked to do is download another free app, open it for a few minutes and when you go back to Megu, your elixir will be delivered to your inventory.

Back to the main menu by clicking X!
Clicking on the Megu face will bring you to the community page:

Stands for “World Wide Megu”. This button will allow your Megu to visit other Megu’s of higher (or lower) level than you on the database.

If you connect your twitter account with Megu, your Megu will be able to tweet your followers what he/she really thinks of you. Also if any of your friends play, they will show up here for you to visit.

Shows you the different Megu evolutions. Kinda like a pokedex because you can only see the evolves when you are evolved yourself.

Other members are able to play with you without really visiting you. Here you can see who played with you and what the outcome was.

When another member visits you, your Megu will write a diary entry to remember what they did on their visit.

Here you can play with stray Megus’. Winning will earn you gold while losing earns you nothing. higher level strays will be harder to beat so be sure your vitals look good or you are a higher level.

Search for a user by name.

Send an email to a friend to join Megu.

Last box on the bottom of the menu is the settings box:

No help needed here i hope ^_^;

To get the best results from your Megu, you should follow a routine everyday. I pretty much do everything in the care section first (feed until full, walk, bath + etc), stock up on 3 foods a day for the next day, visit friends, pet Megu,play with strays then charge until evolve.

Not only will your Megu be happy but you will get a lot of gold and items for your house so it can look nice :3

This is my place + Megu:


  • You are able to pet your Megu to make him/her happy but if you pet them more than 8 times, they will get irritated and make a not so cute noise.
  • Poking your Megu will be taken as a slap and slapping isnt cool :(
  • When you get to a high enough trust level, you will be able to make your Megu run around the room.
  • There are a such thing as a special Megu evolution.
  • Megus’ cant die.
  • You dont have to charge your Megu in order to raise its level. If you like the way your Megu looks then you can keep it that way !

There are lots of stuff i didnt cover here but if i told you everything then it wouldnt be fun for you now would it?

Go out and explore the world of Kawaii Pet Megu!