Two days ago I was told about an SM Town flash mob in NYC and thanks to the magic of the internet I was able to attend yesterday.

The meet up for the event was at 11am in front of the Borders bookstore by Penn Station and people were asked to wear an article of pink clothing (preferably a pink top) so they could look good on camera when in a group (and also to support SM Entertainment :D)

[SNSD performing Genie with SM Town pink lights]

At first, when I got there (at 10am) there were only 2 people but as it got closer to 11, pink shirted people (mostly females) started coming in until the attendance reached about 25.

We then got a surprise visit from a woman named Sunny Park who was a reporter for some channel and interviewed one of the moderators of the group named Joy. Mostly questions about the flash mob and the usual stuff; “Why did you do this?” “Who is your favorite k-pop group?”. Some people were asked to sing a line from their favorite song and some danced as well as sent a message out to their favorite member of whatever group.

[SM Town fan & Sunny Park pose for a picture]

When enough people showed up, the large group of about 45 moved to Columbus Circle where we sat down to rest, get refreshments and practice with others who were struggling with the dance. Girls showed off their skills by dancing to other k-pop songs like Bo Peep by T-ARA, Shy Boy by Secret and even Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A.

Because the actual dance started at 2pm (haha) we took group pictures and showed off our fan made signs along with getting interviewed again by Sunny and her camera crew.

Once the pictures were done and it got closer to 2, we all headed out in groups to the flash mob spot which was in central park on Cherry Hill. More camera crews appeared and another set of reporters set up their equipment while we set up for the dance.

[Fans with signs were asked to stand behind the group while dancers stood in front]

At 2pm we started the music and did our routine for all of Korea to see! (Hopefully!)

K-pop Medley:
SNSD – Mr. Taxi [Intro] (00:00 to 00:11)
Super Junior – Bonamana (00:12 to 00:42)
SHINee – Lucifer (00:45 to 01:19)
SNSD – Run Devil Run (01:21 to 02:00)
F(x) – Danger (02:01 to 02:34)
SNSD – Mr. Taxi (02:37 to 03:10)

[Fans were lucky enough to get interviewed by SBS, CNBC and KBS reporters after the dance was done!]

All in all it was amazing and I even stayed afterwards when the group had a dance battle and traveled to K-Town for some well deserved nourishment and boba tea. (That’s bubble tea for all you americanized folk ;3)

Again thanks to those who added me on FB after the event, Sunny Park for all the love and interviews, Joy for being a Girls Generation fangirl and everyone who came out despite the heat to dance + show their love for SM Town. I can’t wait to meet all of you again at the next event!

[“Our mission isnt complete until SM Town steps foot on american ground and gives us a concert!”]

(If you want the music used for the flash mob then DL it HERE <–)