The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

36 Episodes
October 3rd 1982 – June 26 1983

In the anime it was:

In 1999, an alien ship crashes on South Atalia Island and makes the human race aware of other life in space.
Ten years later, the ship is reconstructed and christened as the SDF-1 Macross.
However, on the day of its maiden voyage, an alien race called the Zentraedi make their appearance on Earth, beginning the UN Spacy/Zentraedi war that would change the history of both races forever.

Random info:
Original work adapted by Harmony Gold to become “Robotech: The Macross Saga” in 1985


Hikaru Ichijyo
(Jap VA: Arihiro Hase/Eng VA: Vic Mignogna)

Lynn Minmay
(Jap VA & Eng VA: Mari Iijima)

Minmay Trivia:
Her hit songs include “My Boyfriend’s a Pilot,” “Little White Dragon,” and “Do You Remember Love?”

The first song that Minmay sings, “Cinderella” in Episode 4, was not written for the show. Instead, the song had been written by Iijima (Jap VA) prior to being picked for the role of Minmay. The fact that she was a songwriter was one of the factors that led to her being selected.

Coincidentally, the very last song that Minmay would sing in a Macross animated production, “An Angel’s Paints” from the Do You Remember Love? movie and Flash Back 2012 video, was also written by Iijima.

In Macross Frontier her song “My Boyfriend’s A Pilot”, sung by Ranka Lee during a Miss Macross Frontier competition, was referred to as “a legendary song every person here knows”.

Misa Hayase
(Jap VA: Mika Doi/Eng VA: Monica Rial)

Roy Focker
(Jap VA: Akira Kamiya/Eng VA: Brett Weaver)

Claudia LaSalle
(Jap VA: Noriko Ohara/Eng VA: Christine Auten)

Hayao Kakizaki
(Jap VA: Katsumi Suzuki/Eng VA: Jason Douglas)

Maximillian “Max” Jenius
(Jap VA: Sho Hayami/Eng VA: Chris Patton)

Bruno J. Global
(Jap VA: Michio Hazama/Eng VA: John Swasey)

Milia Fallyna
(Jap VA: Eri Takeda/Eng VA: Luci Christian)