Oh my god I had so much fun at SF13 and I took so many pictures.
Of course it’s 200+ pictures and there is no way I’m posting that many pictures here!
Instead, here are the links to the albums~

Starlight Garden Cafe
SpringFest’s first and most amazing maid cafe.
They sing, they dance and they are all super cute~

Rainbow Bubble
A new girl group that will be coming to a convention near you!


The rest of the actual cosplayers will probably be in the “Unknown Cosplayers” folder lol.

I was a volunteer this year (again) and I had an amazing karaoke panel!
We had a full house and everyone sounded amazing.
I even got to sing Tamashii no Rufuran for the first time and everyone cheered too!
(Thanks, you don’t know how nervous I was >_<)

Also the panel went so well that we got called back for next year!

It was a super blast working with familiar faces and let’s hope that SF14 is jut as great!
Thanks again to everyone who showed up and please give the performers your best~

Starlight Garden Cafe FB page:

Rainbow Bubble FB page:

See you again at Big Apple Ponycon + CPAC!